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Black Desert Cobra
Date Palms at Zagora
Sahara Horned Viper
Nil Crocodile
Sahara Horned Viper
Black Desert Cobra
4x4 Adventure in the desert
Herp Safari by Marc Jaeger
Welcome to the herpetological Safari in Morocco
from 4th to 13th May 2017

Discover black Desert-Cobras, Sahara horned Vipers, Cameleons, Scorpions, Lizards & Co. in their natural biotope!

During this adventure trip, the renommeted Herpetologue Marc Jaeger and his Aissaouis (the famous Snake-Hunters and Charmers) will explore together with you the unique and spectacular Faune and Flore of South-Morocco. 


Join us and get the ultimate expérience of a real herpetological expedition! We will cross all over the Atlas mountains until the deserts of the Pre-Sahara. All the way we will look for some of the most spectacular reptiles of our planet - directly in their naturel surrounding. Learn the traditional hunting technics  of the Aissaouis during a refreshing mint tee by the evening campfire. After a emotional packed day we will finally fall asleep in the open of a world of 1001 nights.

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During this trip you discover the most beautiful places in Morocco! Our adventure begins in Marrakech. We will cross the mountains of the Great Atlas until we will reach the famous cascades of Ouzoud.

Then we will head direction Quarzasate to reach finally the impressive red sand dunes of Merzouga and Zagora.

After that we will take the road southwards to the region of Guelmim.


On our way back to the North we will cross the White Beach (track of the famous Rallye Paris-Dakar). At the modern city of Agadir we will visit the newly open CrocoParc and then we will return to our point of origin Marrakech.


The locomotions on the roads and racing tracks will be made in comfortable 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser or similar. The Sand dunes we will cross on the back of dromedary and while we are searching for animals we will be by foot.


During this real expédition trip we will sleep in our sleeping bag in the middle of the desert and around our camp fire. 

In the cities we will stay in charming small hotels in the typical moroccan style.

Concerning food you will discover, amongst other things, the delicious tajines, prepared on the campfire in the desert. 



HERP-SAFARI Morocco 2017- EN

HERP-SAFARI Morocco 2017- EN
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HERP-SAFARI Morocco 2017- EN

HERP-SAFARI Morocco 2017- EN

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Our work



Director of the ZooParc Planet Exotica à Royan (F)
President of the ReptilEXPO AG en Suisse
President of the A.A.F.F.P.P.E (Venomous-Courses)

Marc has already explored the whole globe, searching for some of the rarest reptiles.
He knows the Magreb countries very well and is the perfect person to guide you through the different countries of this world.


Marc Jaeger


Swiss Herpetoloqe

Patricia has travelled through Mexico, Africa & Asia, discovering its wildlife. She is your contact person of confidence and is taking care of your lodging and food. At the side of her husband Marc she acompany the group.

Patricia Jaeger


Snake Charmers & catchers
In reptiles specialised Trackers

 The Aissaouis are the mystic snake charmers from Morocco. They have a phenomenal knowledge of their reptiles and it looks like the have a special liaison with these animals. They are honored and appreciated throughout the population. They know the best tracks and will guide us to the nicest places. 

The Aissaouis



Marc Jaeger

5, Avenue des Fleurs de la Paix
17200 Royan


Tel: +33 (0)7 79 55 84 26

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Register NOW!
Places are very limited and the the reservations will be accepted in the order of their reception. 


See you soon in the desert!

Your guide
Marc Jaeger

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